The Porter-Rinsky Foundation

is a non-profit organization created with one goal in mind, to save as many dogs and cats as possible from life-threatening situations.

Every single day, injuries and accidents occur putting dogs and cats’ lives at risk of being surrendered or even euthanized because their owners cannot afford the cost of the care required. Your financial support goes directly to help pets in need and because of donors like you, The Porter-Rinsky Foundation will be able to save some of these pet’s lives.

Porter-Rinsky posing on top of a pile of boulders
Porter-Rinsky a Burnese Mountain Dog


NOVEMBER 15, 2017 –
SEPTEMBER 11, 2021

Mav’s Story

Maverick “Mav” — Iowa, July 2023

Maverick, or Mav, is a seven month old Labrador Retriever from Central Iowa.  His parents recently moved into a new rental home, and during the moving process, Mav accidentally ingested some rodent poison.  Mav was admitted to IVS and subsequently Iowa State in critical care with internal bleeding in his abdomen and chest. It’s safe to say Mav was one sick puppy.  

As Mav was moved from one emergency facility to another, the invoices began racking up.  Mav’s owner was informed of the Porter-Rinsky Foundation and immediately applied for assistance.  Within 48 hours, the grant was reviewed and approved to assist with Mav’s treatment.  

Mav’s recovery is well underway.  The doctors say it will be about two weeks to fully flush any poison from his system, but he is back to being the happy-go-lucky Lab he once was and is looking forward to adjusting to his new home.  

Thank YOU for your contributions, without them, assistance for dogs and cats like Mav wouldn’t be possible!