Application Confirmation

Thank you for applying for assistance with The Porter-Rinsky Foundation. We know time is of the essence and will review your application immediately, in the order we received it. Below you will find a list of what we need in order to make an informed decision. Please begin to gather up the required information and documentation so we can better assist you with your request. You will need access to a computer in order to upload and send us what’s needed. The faster you can send us the required information, the faster we can verify and get your pet the assistance they need. We require a full package, including all requested documents, in order to make a final decision, no exceptions.

You will be responsible to upload the following information for approval purposes:

1.Proof of income. Acceptable items:

  • Copy of the most recent years federal tax return (all pages)
  • Most recent, full month of pay stubs reflecting year to date income
  • Most recent years 1099 for social security or disability income

2. Letter detailing recent economic hardship signed and dated within the last 30 days

3. Proof of a denied application for funding from a financial institution. (Such as CareCredit or Scratch Pay or Wells Fargo, etc)

4. Documentation of any payments already made to the treating Veterinary Clinic along with a balance of the amount needed to complete the pet’s treatment plan.

5. List of additional resources which the applicant has already applied for or attempted (Setting up a GoFundMe page, applying for other nonprofit assistance, help from family and friends, etc.)

6. A detailed written signed statement or email from a licensed veterinary professional outlining the estimated cost, needed procedures, pet’s clinical condition and proof of a strong prognosis outcome.

Shortly, you will receive correspondence from us via OneHub. Once you register for an account and obtain credentials, you will be able to log in and upload your documents securely. Each document requested will need to be uploaded to its appropriate folder which will be labeled for your convenience. If you do not see any from us shortly, we suggest you check your spam folder in the event our notifications went there by accident.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.