Program Information

The Porter-Rinsky Foundation provides financial assistance grants to family-owned pets faced with life threatening or specialty veterinary care whose owners cannot afford the full cost of necessary procedures. The foundation is designed to help with emergency and specialty medical care where the pet would otherwise suffer, be relinquished, or even euthanized.

If your pet (dog or cat) is in need of immediate or emergency care, where any delay could put the animal at further risk, it’s YOUR responsibility to seek immediate care. There is NO GUARANTEE that the foundation will provide any financial assistance so do not delay care for your pet while waiting on a response. Grant request responses can take up to 72 hours and are NOT GUARANTEED and we are not able to help every pet in need. Grants will not exceed $1,500 per pet, per household. The Porter-Rinksy Foundation will not reimburse for any payments already made and will not consider reimbursement situations of any kind, no exceptions. All payments are made directly to the treating veterinarian or emergency clinic.

Documents Needed

You will be responsible to upload the following information for approval purposes:

1.Proof of income. Acceptable items:

  • Copy of the most recent years federal tax return (all pages)
  • Most recent, full month of pay stubs reflecting year to date income
  • Most recent years 1099 for social security or disability income

2. Letter detailing recent economic hardship signed and dated within the last 30 days

3. Proof of a denied application for funding from a financial institution. (Such as CareCredit or Scratch Pay or Wells Fargo, etc)

4. Documentation of any payments already made to the treating Veterinary Clinic along with a balance of the amount needed to complete the pet’s treatment plan.

5. List of additional resources which the applicant has already applied for or attempted (Setting up a GoFundMe page, applying for other nonprofit assistance, help from family and friends, etc.)

6. A detailed written signed statement or email from a licensed veterinary professional outlining the estimated cost, needed procedures, pet’s clinical condition and proof of a strong prognosis outcome.

What is Eligible to be Funded?

1. Dog and cat emergencies only.

2. Family-owned pets only.

3. Grants are only issued to one pet, per household, per lifetime.

4. Life-threatening injury or illness that requires urgent and specific treatment to qualify.

5. Medical assistance can only be provided for emergency and specialty veterinary care.

6. Pet must have already received a diagnosis and treatment plan from a licensed veterinarian with a good or favorable outcome/prognosis.

7. Both the applicant and the pet must live in the United States.

What is Not Eligible to be Funded?

1. Office exams or diagnostic testing

2. Basic/Routine veterinary care, annual exams, checkups, etc

3. Food or standard pet supplies

4. Deworming

5. Grooming

6. Flea or tick treatments

7. Annual vaccinations/immunizations

8. Cosmetic procedures that are not life threatening

9. Monthly required or suggested medications

10. Single or recurring treatment of a chronic disease

11. Euthanasia or cremations

12. Dental, oral or ear care

13. Treatment of strays, foster animals or animals that are part of a rescue

14. Treatment of pets owned by a breeder or animals used for research or commercial purposes

15. Declawing, ear cropping, debarking surgeries

17. Dogs / Cats over the age of 8

16. Anything else deemed unacceptable by our Board of Directors

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